I am wearing that dress,
the one I just got at Goodwill.
It feels expensive,
in its heavy lightness,
and I paid too much for it,
seven ninety-nine,
four dollars more than
I usually would.
But when I saw it,
I just thought it might
make you think of how
the sand looks
underneath an incoming storm,
those swirling purple grays
un-dazzling its diamonds,
dark waves curling like hair.
And I wanted you to
look in my eyes
to see the waves in them,
and the storms,
all electric

Photo on 3-31-13 at 11.24 AM #5 copy


38 thoughts on “a gift of storms

  1. so many components come into play here–from the tangible to the ephemeral, wistful and bittersweet all at once. What a weave of content and form. It’s practically a robe in itself!

  2. Thank the gods for Goodwill! I feel the storm and it swirls in the skyline like empurpled primordial maelstroms.

  3. very lovely( as always) mind imagery, and if he didn’t see that, he needs to be slapped around the head and body with some wet noodles( the pasta kind,, not what floats in a pool :-D)

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