by shrinksarentcheap

Dear god!

Have you lost the will

to hold this world


My god!  My god!

Please watch the sky!

It has gotten away from you,

off its leash,

running madly,

dashing forward and backward,

slobbering its rabid saliva

into our mouths,

and when it runs through our veins,

they decay,

and we fall.

Darling god!

Watch the mountains!

They have heaved themselves

from their crates, enormous,

thundering across the heads of

spouse valleys,

and the ocean sees,

pulls in on itself,

and prepares to launch an attack.

My god!

Where are you hiding?

Where have you gone?

Why do you let the earth

break into a million pieces?

Why do you watch it slip

out of orbit?

You rock it back and forth in your arms,

like a dead child,

whom you refuse to believe

has died.

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